Peter Griffin…door


don’t touch it

fall class

another class at sva this fall. gonna write my rj story, graphic novel style (hopefully). found this article today:

@import url(‘’); HeliumHow to write a graphic novel

don’t know if the link works, we’ll see…nope
anyway, it was an article on how to write a graphic novel…my story might end up being just a comic, haven’t even started writing it yet, got plenty of work to do, class starts sept 20th.

Nala comic

So, Nala gets her wish, what she always wants…simply to go for a walk.

more nala…

I don’t really have an ending to this story worked out yet, but it continues, Nala’s quest.  Stay tuned:

Nala (in comic form)

Our beloved dog, Nala, passed away last fall.  We all loved her and miss her dearly, and I always wanted to make a strip about her.  here’s a rough beginning:

sketch dump, Nala

sketches of Nala:

sketch dump

Life has been a little hectic lately, and I’ve been bummed about not posting anything, so here’s a sketch dump.  Found an old sketchbook from a trip I had taken in ’97 visiting my Dad in the Cayman Islands.  He was very fond of Catboats, and he sometimes told stories of he and his friends growing up and sailing them.  I found an old abandoned one on the beach and made a few sketches.  Here they are:


just a few from my sketchbook recently.  i wish I was faster and had better control over my scale.  also, I need to learn how to add depth to my cityscapes, everything is so flat.  maybe i will go back in in ps and add some color and do something about the depth.


I’ve been teaching myself Photoshop, specifically photoshop cs (the first version, I think they’re up to cs4 or something like that, but this is what I got).  I went to the bookstore and found Classroom in a Book for this version, just completed lesson 5, layer basics.  I think it was the first lesson that started getting into the meat and bones of the program.  I know I don’t know squat about it yet, but PS is some serious shit.  it’s a big *ss book, but I hope I’ll get through it one day, they mentioned at the end of the lesson, there is a section on animating gif images.   That’s gonna be awesome!My eyes are killing me though, I wonder if I need to get some sort of screen to reduce the glare, cause when I turn down the brightness, I think it makes my eyes work harder just to see stuff.  oh well.