chunky racer

a sketch of my son’s toy car, one of many.  this one is my favorite (he lets me play with it sometimes, lucky me) it’s the chunky racer:


from the sketchbook

turned 40 on 3/2, notice the darkening clouds…

the sea, pg 2

the sea, pg 2


trying to convey how bad I was feeling last weekend, and my son had it MUCH worse than me, I sketched some ideas of a virus throughout the body:


from my sketchbook. can you imagine?

the sea

the sea, pg 1


sketch today, at the hospital, visiting my 3yr old, stomach flu. we hope we can bring him home tomorrow, been there since friday. seems like I caught a touch of what he got, cause I am a hollow shell of my former self. pray to the porcelain god. g'night.

Mathilda, Pt 6

woman tryin to straighten things out

Mathilda, Pt 5

mathilda, pt 4

woman! here's yo' boss.