colors for Fumetto

well, I decided at the last possible minute to color my comic for entry into the Fumetto competition.  now, I suck at PS, but I have to learn sometime.  did a crappy job (but still, I learned a lot), and got it in just under the wire (had to fold it!  I’ll be surprised if they even look at it at all).  all in all, I do like the look of the comic in color.  PS is a wonderful tool, and I will continue to practice with it, learning as I go.  I may even take a class.

as far as the actual comic, things I’ve learned:  writing and making a cohesive, flowing story with words and pictures that work together is very hard.  much harder than I imagined.  inking is a difficult skill to master, a good inker can make good pencils look awesome.  I am not a good inker…yet.  coloring and adding effects and cleaning mistakes with PS is THE SHITS!!  I will get better at that too.  ok, so here, for your viewing pleasure, my submission:


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  1. nataliekim on

    YEA!!!! Congrats Marc!!!! Note to self: Probably good to give a one week buffer before printing. Never going to do this again.

    You rawk!!!

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